Ansa Doors have successfully tendered to supply and install 6 large industrial double swing doors for the Yarra Trams Depot in Southbank. The builder on the project is Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd and the Project Managers are Hyder Consulting.

The Southbank Tram Depot is subject to a state funded $24 million upgrade in a venture that will create more than 50 jobs and will help prepare the network for the arrival of 50 new low-floor trams. The tram facility can house all current trams as well as the proposed low floor trams. Melbourne’s tram network is the world’s largest, with about 182 million passenger trips now made on trams each year.

To achieve the requirements of the Tender Ansa worked closely with Leighton and Yarra Trams. The door design posed unique challenges in that the door areas have exceptionally tight side clearances as well as electrified overhead lines preventing more tradition solutions such as roller shutters or bifolding doors. There are also tram tracks at the base preventing any base driven systems. A design utilising hydraulic ram style openers on custom brackets and rebated mounts allows the setup to work effectively. To further complicate matters there are pedestrian access doors in several of the panels. The design issues were worked through with all parties in the Yarra Trams Site Meeting Room and the prompt response from Ansa Doors’ engineers sealed the deal. Completion is expected in September.